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S9Pal v1.1.0 Progress Update
Things have been pretty busy lately. Nevertheless, I'm still working on S9Pal, and I hope to get v1.1 out soon. This release will contain a plethora of new features, including:
- The Leveler plug-in (audio visualization).
- More powerful plug-in support.
- SOL reading/writing for 2-way communication between a UCI and S9Pal.
- Improved upating and syncing performance.
- And much more!

This will also be the first version to coincide with the release of a fully S9Pal-supportive UCI:
As you can see, this UCI makes use of two S9Pal-enabled features: (1) it renders an audio visualization, and (2) it displays a slideshow of artist photos in the background.

Also, I should note that I won't be updating the source until release time. However, once v1.1 has been released, I'll return to incremental source releases. You can also follow some of my general progress through the Issue Tracker. I always try to post some of the general things I'm working on. Though recently I've been either busy or doing refactoring type work, so there simply hasn't been much to say.

S9Pal is a tool for assembling and syncing custom content to an S9 or J3 device. It opens up new features for the devices that were previously either not possible or far too impractical, such as automatic downloading of artist photos, audio visualization, and much more!


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